Help Ukraine with crypto, don’t leave us alone with the enemy

The community has already raised more than $60 million
    Aid For Ukraine is powered by Everstake, FTX and Kuna
    Everstake ⨯ FTX ⨯ Kuna

    Every helmet, bulletproof vest and night vision device save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. Thus, we must continue to support our defenders. Thanks so much to everyone from the crypto community for supporting Ukraine!

    Mykhailo Fedorov

    Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
    Mykhailo Fedorov

    This is not just the war against centralized regime, this is the birth of blockchain as a backbone of global security.

    Mike Chobanian

    founder of KUNA Exchange, President of Blockchain Association of Ukraine
    Mike Chobanian

    Today, crypto is playing a significant role in Ukraine's defense. Huge thanks to the crypto community for this unprecedented support of Ukraine and its defense of the principles of democracy and freedom in face of the war waged by the Russian Federation.

    Alex Bornyakov

    the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
    Alex Bornyakov

    Incredibly excited and humbled to be working with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Everstake, and others to support crypto donations to Ukraine.

    Sam Bankman-Fried

    the founder and CEO of FTX
    Sam Bankman-Fried

    Ukraine needs your help

    Ukraine is in the middle of a humanitarian disaster. Hundreds of children have died. Thousands of adults have died. The people will continue their fight for freedom, but they need more ammunition and necessities.

    Help Ukraine with BTC, ETH, USDT, SOL, DOT, and other cryptocurrencies. The funds will be used for the support of humanitarian aid programs and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


    Your crypto saves Ukraine

    Digital rifle scopes

    4,937 items

    Thermal imagers

    4,937 items


    4,937 items
    $ 6,154,265

    Armor vests

    6,535 items


    645 items

    Military clothing & accessories

    23,954 items

    Tactical backpack

    4,890 items
    $ 5,606,573

    Field rations

    416,800 items
    $ 3,845,742


    25 tons
    $ 33,334

    Worldwide anti-war media campaign

    For security reasons, reports will be published after our victory
    $ 3,957,917

    Radio communication kits and stations

    585 items
    $ 220,014


    91 items
    $ 62,990


    13 items
    $ 14,371,052

    Medical supplies

    364,855 items
    $ 1,136,242

    Military medical kits

    31,000 items
    $ 1,185,000

    Automotive vehicles

    18 items
    $ 198,701

    Transportation expenses

    3 supplies (par avion)
    $ 773,990

    Purchase of specialized hardware and software complexes

    Non-public information
    $ 5,500,000

    Lethal equipment

    Non-public information
    $ 1,801,113

    Communication devices

    283 items
    $ 256,605
    Total expenses (Apr 14)$ 45,103,538

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    The Government of Ukraine accepts fiat donations as well

    USD, GBP and EUR to National Bank of Ukraine

    BENEFICIARY: National Bank of Ukraine BENEFICIARY BIC: NBUA UA UX BENEFICIARY ADDRESS: 9 Instytutska St, Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine ACCOUNT NUMBER: 400807238 BENEFICIARY BANK NAME: JP MORGAN CHASE BANK, New York BENEFICIARY BANK BIC: CHASUS33 ABA 0210 0002 1 BENEFICIARY BANK ADDRESS: 383 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017, USA PURPOSE OF PAYMENT: for crediting account 47330992708


    Got questions?
    We have answers!

    Why did we make this site and how does it work?

    The crypto community does not want to stand aside and watch Ukrainians suffer from the unprovoked aggression by the Russian Federation and the subsequent humanitarian disaster unseen in Europe since the Balkan war.

    Everstake and Kuna are Ukraine-based companies. We wanted to give the crypto community a viable option to efficiently stand with Ukraine. Having seen our goals align and more and more blockchain companies wishing to get on board, we merged our initiatives under the common name of Aid For Ukraine.

    Aid For Ukraine is cooperating with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX which converts crypto funds received into fiat and sends the donations to the National Bank of Ukraine. This marks the first-ever instance of a cryptocurrency exchange directly cooperating with a public financial entity to provide a conduit for crypto donations.

    Is it legit?

    Yes! The initiative is powered by the Everstake, FTX, and Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Everstake has verified the initiative on his Twitter, and so did the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

    How will the funds be used?

    All funds raised through this effort go directly towards aiding Ukrainians. The donations are sent directly for procurement through volunteer organizations and various ministries, and to the dedicated account with the National Bank of Ukraine. Here is the first report.